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Wall Painting of the Week: A Lost Chapel at Salisbury Cathedral

on January 20, 2012

I have recently been researching the lost wall paintings from the Hungerford Chapel (Salisbury Cathedral) in preparation for a talk next week.  The chapel, which was positioned on the north side of the Lady Chapel, was pulled down by Wyatt during cathedral restoration work in 1789-90.   The chantry was established by Lady Margaret de Hungerford for her husband Robert Lord de Hungerford (c.1470).  Wall painting subject-matter included Death and the Gallant, St Christopher and the Annunciation.  The interior and some of the imagery was illustrated in Gough’s Sepulchral Monuments before the demolition of the chapel.

Death and the Gallant, Hungerford Chapel

St Christopher, Hungerford Chapel

This west-wall painting depicts St Christopher, who functioned a talisman or protector against everyday illness, sickness and fatigue.  Positioning this large image on the west wall, opposite the entrance to the chapel, meant that visitors could view the saint and gain the associated benefits on entering and leaving the building.

For detailed information about the recent archaeological excavations carried out on the Hungerford and Beauchamp Chapel sites see: Wessex Archaeology, Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire: Archaeological Evaluation and Assessment of Results, Salisbury 2009:

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