Dr Ellie Pridgeon FSA promoting the study of medieval wall paintings

1st February 2012 – Medieval Wall Paintings in Wiltshire Churches. Talk delivered to Calne Civic Society, Marden House, Calne. 7.30pm.

on January 30, 2012

Dr Ellie Pridgeon will talk about medieval wall painting in Wiltshire (lost and extant), including the murals at Lacock Abbey.   The late-thirteenth century (?) St Christopher wall painting in the nunnery precinct is one of the earliest surviving images of the saint in England.

St Christopher Wall Painting at Lacock Abbey

Two wall paintings (St Andrew and St Christopher) are positioned in a chamber at the west end of the south cloister walk, an area which was probably occupied by three or four chaplains attached to the Abbey.  The precision and accuracy of the lines and rendering of the features, indicate that both murals are of the highest artistic quality.  The patron of the paintings, if not the Abbey itself then perhaps a chaplain, was likely to have been relatively affluent.  They may have been attuned to the latest artistic trends, and able to afford a painting executed in a progressive and undoubtedly expensive style.

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