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Representing Re-Formation

on August 3, 2012

For those of you interested in church monuments, follow this link for the Representing Re-Formation project website.  Sponsored by the Science and Heritage Programme, the 3-year project is examining the Howard Tombs  at Framlingham church (originally from Thetford Priory).  The  University of Leicester’s Space Research Centre  (SRC) is using 3-D scanning of tombs and fragments, as well as non-destructive analytical techniques, to produce virtual reconstructions .

The project was designed and is led by Phillip Lindley (Department of Art History, University of Leicester), whose PhD students including Rebecca Constabel.  Rebecca is focusing on French sculpture in the sixteenth century to determine the origins of the tomb sculptors, and to clarify the time-frames of work.

There is also a Blog and regular Twitter updates.

Howard Tomb, Framlingham, Suffolk

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