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ICON Stone and Wall Painting Group

on October 15, 2012

ICON – The Institute of Conservation – is the lead voice for the conservation of cultural heritage in the UK.  It consists of a number of specialist sections, including the  ICON Stone and Wall Paintings Group, which represents over 300 conservation professionals working in the field.

The Group aims to encourage communication between conservators, art historians, architects, archaeologists, surveyors, scientists and others with a specialist knowledge of stone and wall painting conservation.  The Group functions as a forum for the exchange of information on scientific research and techniques in practice / under development.  It is also seeks to maintain standards, and to act as a representative voice for architectural conservation training and for lobbying government.

The Group holds regular meetings, events and conferences for members, and encourages anyone with an interest in conservation to join ICON for a reasonable fee.

The Stone & Wall Painting Group have recently published the proceedings of their successful Polychrome Wood conference held at Hampton Court in October 2007 and February 2008.  Covering topics such as composition, execution techniques, deterioration agents, preventative measures and treatment methods, this significant collection of articles successfully draws together the work of leading experts in the fields of panel and wall painting conservation.

Contributors include Jim Coulson, Ian Tyers, Spike Bucklow, Eddie Sinclair, Lucy Wrapson & Marie Louise Sauerberg, Pauline Plummer, Lee Prosser, Christine Sitwell, Tobit Curteis, Hugh Harrison, Al Brewer, Madeleine Katkov, Ailsa Murray, Chantal-Helen Thuer and Ruth McNeilage.

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