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Angela Smith, A Timelime of Art History

A Timeline of Art History (2013) is the latest contribution to historical studies from the innovative The Book Forge press.  The book is a chronological guide to the key examples of world art and architecture.  It is primarily a reference book for students of Art History, but also an essential read for anyone with an interest in cultural history.  As Smith points out, timelines are essential as they contribute to the understanding of change and development in visual history.  The book is illustrated with high-quality and informative colour plates.

A Timeline of Art History chronicles major works of art and architecture from 75,000 BC – with the Paleolithic cave people at Blombos in South Africa engraving ochre with abstract patterns – to Leo Villareal’s 2013 sculpture The Bay Lights on the San Francisco suspension bridge.  Smith also includes references to European fresco painters, such as Giotto’s involvement with the Upper Church of San Francesco, Assisi (1296), and Michelangelo’s creation of The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel (begun 1535).

Dr Angela Smith studied History of Art at the University of Leicester, and gained a PhD from the Warburg Institute, University of London.  She is a freelance scholar and lecturer who has taught for a number of organisations, including the University of Leicester, Bishop Grosseteste University, and NADFAS.

Timeline of Art History is available on The Book Forge website, or on Amazon.

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