Dr Ellie Pridgeon FSA promoting the study of medieval wall paintings

Post-Reformation Wall Painting Project

We have news of an exciting new project and website!

The Post-Reformation Wall Painting Project was launched by C.B Newham and myself earlier this year.  The project, which focuses on surviving murals in English churches between c.1559 and c.1836, is crucial because of the lack of academic research on this extensive painting corpus.

We are using C.B Newham’s extensive photographic collection collated for The Digital Atlas of England.

Kingham, Oxfordshire

Kingham, Oxfordshire. Text recording changes to the building fabric.  1774.










The Post-Reformation Wall Painting Project is divided into three main stages: stage one involves cataloging the wall paintings, delivering academic talks and promoting the project on Twitter and social media.  Stage two involves researching the subject-matter using archival resources, and stage three producing an academic book on the subject.

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