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Publications and Book Reviews

I am currently writing an article on St Christopher imagery and the English Reformation for: Croatian Hagiography Society Hagiotheca 2014 Conference Proceedings.

I am also writing a book on St Christopher wall painting for Paul Watkins Publishing.

Pridgeon, E., ‘Chronology and Function: A Survey of Medieval St Christopher Wall Painting in Gloucestershire Churches’, Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (Pending).

Pridgeon, E., Sharp, S., ‘Patronage and Function: The Medieval Wall Paintings at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire’, Journal of Medieval Monastic Studies2016.

Pridgeon, E., ‘Researching Medieval Wall Paintings: A Guide to Archival and Unpublished Sources in England and Wales’, The Local Historian, Vol. 45, No. 1, 2015.

Plant, A., Pridgeon, E., ‘Archaeological Chess: John Piper and the Wiltshire Museum Window’, Wiltshire Studies, Vol. 107, 2014.

Pridgeon, E,. ‘Patronage and Devotion: The Cult of St Christopher in English Churches, c. 1240 to c. 1547’, Journal of the British Archaeological Association (Under Review).

Pridgeon, E., ‘National and International Trends in Hampshire Churches: A Chronology of St Christopher Wall Painting, c.1250-c.1530’, Hampshire Studies, Vol. 68, 2013, 85-118.

Pridgeon, E, Rosewell, R., ‘The Miracle of the Horseshoe: A Fifteenth Century Wall Painting at Highworth Church, Wiltshire’, Wiltshire Studies, Vol. 105, 2012, 157-167.

Pridgeon, E, ‘The Function of St Christopher Imagery in Medieval Churches, c.1250 to c.1525: Wall Painting and Brass’, Transactions of the Monumental Brass Society, Vol. 18.1, 2009, 2-24.

Pridgeon, E., ‘Various Entries’, in Holy People of the World: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia, Jestice, P. G., Ed., 3 Vols., Abc-Clio 2004.

Pridgeon, E., ‘The Lydiard Tregoze St Christopher Wall Painting’, Friends of Lydiard Tregoze Journal, 2002.

Book Reviews 

Review of: Rosewell, R., Medieval Wall Painting, Oxford 2014, in Journal of the Church Monuments Society (Forthcoming).

Newham, C., Book of Effigies: Photographs of Selected Recumbent Effigies in English Parish Churches, in Journal of the Church Monuments Society (Forthcoming).

Review of: Rosewell, R., Stained Glass, Oxford 2012, in Journal of the Church Monuments Society, 2013.

Review of: Hart, S., Medieval Church Window Tracery in England, Woodbridge 2010, in Journal of the Church Monuments Society, 2013.

Review of: Oosterwijk S., Knöll, S., eds., Mixed Metaphors: The Danse Macabre in Early Modern Europe, Newcastle upon Tyne 2011, in Vidimus, Issue 62.

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